TAK Circulator

Tak-Circulator is the specialized company for NGS based Skin Microbiome Research


Genome Analysis of Microorganism

TAK-Circulator Corporation was established by collaborations through the institutions of the University of Tokyo. Our Open Innovative System allows us to partner our activities with other institutions and universities world wide and to commercialize our scientific discoveries through the-state-of-the-art technologies.

Our core business are:
1. Microbiome analysis and Genome analysis of bacteria genome
2. In-vitro Diagnostic

TAK-Circulator’s research is mainly based on Next Generation Sequencing technology. Next generation sequencing technology (NGS) is no doubt one of the most outstanding technological advances in the life science field of the past 50 years. It enables us to explore genome, transcriptome and metagenome at the 100 times scale more with 1/100 less cost in the relatively short time frame since 2005. Our research is mainly based on the NGS study including development of the cutting-edge computational biology tool.


TAK-Circulator’s head office is located in a newly established entrepreneur plaza in the University of Tokyo campus. Please contact us for any inquiries about our research.