TAK Circulator

Microbiome Skin Diagnostic

The Human Microbiome is the studies of microbe, that resides on the surface and in deep layers of skin, and various parts of human body. At TAK-Circulator, we have developed a new and solid method to collect microbes from human skin. We will focus on examining microbiome on human skin at every level (metagenome, transcriptome, and metabolome) to understand relationships between microbiome and skin conditions (including skin disease like acne) and develop the system (MySkin®) to suggest the appropriate treatment to improve individual’s skin conditions.

In-vitro Diagnostic

TAK-Circulator is a pioneer in developing a new diagnostic method utilizing the information of Circulating cell free DNA in blood. The amount of cancer derived DNA increases when cancer grows or transfers to other organisms. This DNA has unique sequences which helps us to identify particular disease or types of cancers. We are now developing in-vitro diagnostics for ovarian cancer for approval in 2016 for Japan, Europe and the US.

Normal blood vessels Blood vessels of a cancer patient